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Yanny-Laurel for Onions

[Crossposted from Facebook]

Remember that yanny-laurel thing?

Well it so happens there is an analogous thing happening with taste. Some things have both a high-pitched and low-pitched flavor / sensation, and you might have mostly paid attention to one of the pitches, but not both. Once you try paying attention to the other pitch, your experience changes.

It works with onions. I haven't explored what other foods it works for.

For me, a raw yellow onion went from appallingly bad / nauseating to sweet, with a bit of metallic "spiciness." You can also go the other way (high-pitched to low-pitched, which can cause nausea). That said, there is a chance my default dislike of the taste is adaptive because I just ate some raw onion, and now my stomach hurts.

I think this phenomenon might extend even beyond certain visual patterns, sounds, and tastes.

Other things this might be applicable to (total speculation):

1) Pain sensations. Some people seem to enjoy various kinds of pain, in e.g. sex. They might be paying selective attention to certain aspects of the sensation that are in fact pleasurable.
2) Textures of food.
3) Tickling seems to have some attention-based component regarding whether it works or not.
4) Possibly anything that has an aesthetic taste component. I look at a piece of art; you look at a piece of art. Probably I'm "highlighting" different aspects of the piece than you are, but if you highlighted the same aspects as me, you'd shift your opinion towards mine.
5) Arguments? Tribal politics? Models?

If you try it out with onions / other foods, I'd like to know your experience. Msg me, email me, or comment!